Andronov: Provocations and simulation have successfully used Lucescu in Donetsk

Андронов: Провокации и симуляции Луческу успешно использовал в Донецке

Andronov skeptical over the arrival of Lucescu

Russian commentator Alexei Andronov assessed the prospects of the work of Mircea Lucescu at the Zenith.

“For me generally it is strange that Zenit have shown interest in Lucescu. First of all, because of his age. If Zenit is looking for a coach for a year and a half, maybe Lucescu is a good choice. But it seems to me that the St. Petersburg club needs another long-lasting option, because it is necessary to upgrade the team to rebuild. This process by definition will take some time”, – shares his thoughts Andronov.

“If Lucescu will be headed by Zenit, the St. Petersburg football team will be largely built on provocations and simulations. The trump card he has successfully used in Donetsk. All 12 years. The last two years — a little less successfully, but in fact there were objective reasons. Shakhtar played in Donetsk, and not understand where. So hard to win the championship of Ukraine”, – said the commentator.

“About the emergence of Ukrainian players in Zenit is difficult to say. Although not rule out that Lucescu would want to continue cooperation with Yaroslav Rakitskiy, and he will move to St. Petersburg. As for the Legionnaires, the question is, what spending is ready to go the Zenith. But many of them have already played his. One of the symbols of Shakhtar’s Croatian defender Darijo Srna. He is already 33 years old. And the transition to the Zenith for Srna is no longer relevant,” concluded the authors.

Earlier, SPORTS bigmir)net reported that the football club Zenit officially announced the appointment of Mircea Lucescu, chief coach of the team.

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