Angry Birds: Angry birds, which carry the Golden eggs

Angry Birds: Злые птицы, которые несут золотые яйца

Today, may 12, in Ukraine in a mass rolling out one of the most anticipated Premier of spring – cartoon Angry Birds Movie, but will justify whether the cartoon out to the creators – after all, marketing results birds began to fall back in 2012, and here are the results for 2014 were disappointing. The last effort of Rovio, the company behind the once one of the most popular mobile games, trying to stay afloat.

As five birds turned into the army

Five birds appeared in the iPhone in 2009 – it was then that the company from Finland Rovio launched a new game for mobile devices – just 99 cents for the app. It differed from traditional puzzle games unusual tasks – given a set of birds with its own characteristics was to destroy the vile pigs who stole their eggs. Pigs were in the shelter of different materials, which had to be destroyed. For a start, released the game, which consisted of three blocks with 21 level. With the pigs I fought the red bird Red, yellow Chuck, blue blue, black exploding Bomber and white bird Matilda – each character had their own ability and characteristic.

Angry Birds: Злые птицы, которые несут золотые яйца

The game quickly became popular, been updated, the game was released for Android and as a Facebook application. Created a new app, there were new birds giant Terence, boomerang Hal, Stella rose, and with the release of version Space and Star Wars bird list expanded to several dozen. Expanded and pigs, they even devoted a separate application Bad Piggies is one of the first attempts of the developers to change the principle of the game, here the player needs to build from the given materials of construction, which will overcome a number of obstacles and will take the pig to the finish line. But it did not save the company from revenue decline by 1.2% in 2012.

From phone to TV

Angry Birds: Злые птицы, которые несут золотые яйца

In March 2013, Rovio made a first attempt to revive interest in the game – appeared on the screen Angry Birds Toon – a cartoon animated series about the confrontation of pigs and birds. It is expected that it will be 4 seasons of 52 episodes lasting 2-3 minutes, so far released only 3 seasons. The series shows popular Nickelodeon multicanal. The rating of the series on one of the largest in the world cinortele IMdb – 6,5. The series really made not without a sense of humor, dynamic action, because the plot should be laid in a few minutes.

Discover a new way

Games Rovio related Angry Birds series, continued to play, the number of downloads grew, but revenue is not. The company’s profit before interest and taxes fell from EUR 36.5 million in 2013 to EUR 10 million in 2014. In October 2014 the company laid off 16% of staff. Net profit or loss for the year of 2014 the company did not publish, and therefore to compare it with the 26.9 million euros net profit of 2013 is impossible. The company attributed the drop in profits by switching to a policy of free games.

In March 2015 there is the announcement of the start of work on a new feature-length cartoon, the protagonists of which will be birds.

Starting in 2013, the company released the game with already popular characters, but different approaches to the gameplay. In December 2013, appeared in race AngryBirdsGo!, in June 2014, Angry Birds Epic, the game, which even managed some time to compete with the very first application. Right here the player had to think of battle strategies with other players in the first place.

Angry Birds: Злые птицы, которые несут золотые яйца

And in October of the same year, after the release of the film “transformers: Age of extinction”, there were Angry Birds Transformers, a side-scroller, where your favorite characters appear in the form of transformers.

Angry Birds: Злые птицы, которые несут золотые яйца

In July 2015 there were a sequel to Angry Birds 2, are based on the classical approach the first option – and for the first three days of release it was downloaded 10 million times! In August 2015 she came in first place for the number of downloads among all iOs apps in over 100 countries and became the most downloaded for Android.

The Empire of the birds

But the world these birds – not only our phones and tablets. Their world is toys, accessories, clothing, stationery and anything that can be interesting for children, teenagers and adults fans. There are even children’s t-shirts of Angry Birds. It is the company Rovio, in conjunction with Habro has developed the first methods of “teleportation” toys, store-bought, in the game process. Now it is actively used and other industry giants, such as Lego.

Angry Birds: Злые птицы, которые несут золотые яйца

In 2011 he published a book of recipes “From pigs” with ways of cooking eggs.

Also, the game became part of world of rides, so in China in 2011 there was an attraction, in which guests could play the game in real life – to pasupuleti dummy birds at pigs with giant slingshots. Theme parks were opened in Britain and the United States, where is the location dedicated to space birds, is located right in the Kennedy Space Center, NASA Museum dedicated to the US space program.

Angry Birds: Злые птицы, которые несут золотые яйца

Helmets Angry Birds was made by the racers “Formula 1 Heikki Kovalainen and Kimi Raikkonen, angry bird has become a symbol of the world hockey championship in 2012. The gameplay was appreciated even by the hare Krishnas in Brazil, one of the followers of yoga published an essay Angry Birds Yoga – how to eliminate the green pigs in your life”, in which the meditation is explained in the tactics and strategy of the game.

FROM the latest news – Angry Birds bird Red, and in combination, and the main character of the cartoon, March 19, became an honorary Ambassador of the UN environment programme. Then started action Angry Birds Happy Planet. The organizers — the company Sony Pictures, United Nations development Programme (UNDP) and the UN Foundation hopes that the campaign will be global.