Anna Muzychuk won the European championship in rapid chess

Анна Музычук выиграла чемпионат Европы по быстрым шахматам

Anna Muzychuk

The Ukrainian has not lost in any of the 11 games played.

Ukrainian chess player Anna Muzychuk won the title of champion of the continent in a quick game.

Muzychuk has not lost any party, gaining 9 out of 11 possible points. Ukrainian has 7 wins and 4 times draw.

Muzychuk 0.5 points ahead of the Russian Katerina Lahno and Frenchwoman Pauline Guichard became the third.

Also participated in the tournament Ukrainian Inna Gaponenko (14th place), Anastasia Kolb (28th place) and Eugene doluhanova (41st place).

Note that Anna Muzychuk is the current world champion in rapid chess and the current world champion in blitz.

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