Annexing the Crimea, Russia has called into question the principles of European security structures, – Steinmeier

Аннексировав Крым, РФ поставила под вопрос принципы европейской структуры безопасности, – Штайнмайер

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier said that security in Europe is under serious threat. Official offers to resume arms control. About it is spoken in article for the newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Deutsche Welle reports.

According to Steinmeier, the illegal annexation of Crimea, Russia has called into question the basic principles of European security structures. There is a new form of confrontation has highlighted the role of new technologies.

“Europe may face a new dangerous spiral of the arms race”, – he stressed.

According to the Minister, in this situation, you need to catch a Russian word and start a new debate about control of conventional weapons in Europe.

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The head of the German foreign Ministry believes that relations with Russia should pursue a dual strategy, combining deterrence and detente. While Steinmeier stressed that the offer of cooperation with Russia should be specific, otherwise the balance will be lost.”

According to the Minister, for peace in Europe in the last two decades were treated as something taken for granted. “Now, however, everything is again at stake. Between Russia and the West formed a deep chasm, and I fear that we will not be able to quickly fix it, even making the most serious efforts,” says Frank – Walter Steinmeier.

Recall, the Prime Minister of great Britain Theresa may confirms support for the continuation of sanctions against Russia to implement the Minsk agreements and the non-recognition of the annexation of Crimea.

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