Another explosion in Baghdad: 23 killed, over 45 injured

Очередной взрыв в Багдаде: 23 человека погибли, более 45 получили ранения

In the South of Baghdad in Iraq Monday, March 20, the bomb exploded, killing at least 23 people, Reuters reports citing police sources and the medical community.

According to sources, in the predominantly Shia area of the city exploded a car bomb. Victims of the explosion were 23 people, more than 45 people were injured.

It is noted that the explosion occurred on a bustling shopping street in the area Amili.

Yerel Kaynaklar, “Saat 7.30 sularında meydana lane pekara patlamada 27 kişinin öldüğü ve 54 yaralının olduğu belirlendi.”

— Qawi net developer (@QawiAnlz) 20 Mar 2017

Earlier it was reported that the explosion of a car bomb South of Baghdad killed eight people and about 40 were injured.

A day earlier, a bomb exploded on a busy street in the Baghdad suburb of Madinat-es-Sadr, whose residents are mostly followers of the Shiite Islam. Then the victims of the explosion were 15 people, more 50 injured.

While no group has claimed responsibility for the attacks. It is assumed that the attacks is “Islamic state”.

Later in Baghdad was rocked by another explosion, killing at least 45 people.

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