Another gumkonvoy from Russia arrived at the Donbass

Очередной гумконвой из РФ прибыл на Донбасс

Humanitarian convoy of Russia

October 26, from Russia entered the territory of Ukraine another convoy with humanitarian aid.

Another humanitarian convoy from Russia arrived in Donetsk, said in a statement on the OSCE website.

Special monitoring mission of the OSCE recorded the arrival of Russian convoy at the checkpoint Donetsk on Thursday, October 26.

In total the border with Ukraine was crossed by 17 vehicles, the convoy consisted of 12 trucks and five support vehicles.

It is noted that on the same day, all 17 vehicles returned to the territory of Russia.

Recall that the previous humanitarian convoy was sent from Russia to the Donbass on September 28.

Switzerland gave the Donbass humanitarian assistanceü

In Russia claim that the convoys carry on Donbass exclusively humanitarian cargo. The Ukrainian authorities believe that Russia aims at Donbass convoys with weapons and military equipment and so-called humanitarian convoys are one way of supporting illegal armed groups in the region.