Anthrax from a resident of Zhytomyr region was not confirmed

Сибирская язва у жительницы Житомирской области не подтвердилась

In Zhytomyr region the woman has not confirmed the diagnosis of anthrax

The diagnosis of anthrax, suspected that hospitalized a resident of Zhytomyr region, was not confirmed.

A Resident of Korosten district, Zhytomyr region, which came to hospital with suspected anthrax, the diagnosis was not confirmed. On Friday, October 5, reported Zhytomyr regional laboratory center.

It is noted that in the course of work samples were taken from the environment and clinical material from the patient.

“The results of the research of the laboratory of especially dangerous infections regional laboratory center and the reference laboratory for investigation of especially dangerous pathogens of public health Center the result of studies of material from the patient is the most modern method of polymerase chain reaction negative. Therefore, the diagnosis of anthrax is not confirmed”, – stressed in the laboratory.

Earlier in Odessa region was hospitalized five people with a preliminary diagnosis of anthrax. The diagnosis was confirmed by one person.


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