Antipolitical protest in Paris: Detained 35 people, three police officers were injured

Антиполицейский протест в Париже: Задержаны 35 человек, трое правоохранителей пострадали

Clashes in Paris

In the French capital there are mass collisions of representatives of the Chinese community with the police, three policemen were injured, at least 35 people were detained. This is reported by the French media.

Protesters attacked police, throwing stones and empty bottles. Also, the protesters used “Molotov cocktails”, which then ignited some nearby parked cars.


According to Euronews, the protesters caused the death of 56-year-old Chaillot Liu, who was killed by police on Sunday, arrived on a call about a family quarrel.

According to police, a squad of militiamen arrived on a call to the apartment where they were attacked by a Chinese man with scissors. Subsequently, for the purposes of defence police opened fire.

In turn, the neighbors and relatives of the victim insist that no hostile intentions of the deceased was not.

Earlier, representatives of the Chinese community of Paris has repeatedly appealed to the authorities with calls to end the unfair, in their opinion, the attitude on the part of authorities and other communities. In September last year, the Chinese organized in Paris a mass demonstration for this reason.

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