Antonov has no mind to give Gostomel loukota

Антонов не против отдать Гостомель лоукостам

Airport Gostomel

Has established a working group for the preparation of the business plan of the project.

State enterprise Antonov is interested in the use of the airfield Kiev-Antonov in the village. Hostomel ‘ for the maintenance of low-cost airlines. The company announced on his page in Facebook on Wednesday, July 19.

According to the report, has already established a working group for the preparation of a business plan for use of the airfield for maintenance of low-cost airlines.

In Antonov announced that the airfield was certified for the first category of ICAO, can receive and send aircraft around the clock throughout the year. Now the airport is used as a port for cargo aircraft and conduct flight tests.

“The development of its infrastructure towards passenger service will be useful not only for the airport but for the region as a whole”, – stressed in the Antonov.

Recall, July 17 Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groisman offered to do the airport Gostomel base for lowcost, including airlines in the Ryanair.

This lokosom contracted Lviv international airport.It happened after Ryanair cancelled the planned release on the market of Ukraine. The company noted that the airport Borispol was on the side of airlines with high fares, including MAU, and has deprived Ukrainians of the access to cheap tickets.