AP: Georgia has published fake about Poroshenko

АП: В Грузии опубликовали фейк о Порошенко

In the Administration of the President of Ukraine believe that the dissemination of information involved the Russian special services.

In the administration of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko informed that the Georgian TV channel Rustavi-2 published on Saturday, January 13, on its website the fake materials that relate to the head of the Ukrainian state.

Earlier, the Rustavi-2 published, according to the TV station, copies of your letters Poroshenko FSB, dated by February 2007.

In the “treatment” the President of Ukraine promises during his stay in Russia “to adhere to the Russian legislation, not to participate in activities aimed against interests of the Russian Federation”.

In the statement of administration of the President, released January 14 night, the documents called “a base forgery and fake, manufactured and abandoned of the TV company Rustavi-2 intelligence service of Russia”.

Note that in February 2007, Poroshenko, who at the time was a people’s Deputy, was not allowed into Russia. Subsequently, the Russian foreign Ministry explained that the ban on entry is a response to the hostile policy of Kiev.