AP: Noticed after himataki in Syria, the drone belonged to Russia

AP: Замеченный после химатаки в Сирии беспилотник принадлежал России

A source in the leadership of the United States said that the us government came to the conclusion that Russia knew in advance about the plans of Damascus to use chemical weapons, reports the Associated Press.

According to him, the Russian drone was seen flying over the hospital in Syria, where the victims went for help. After the drone had disappeared, a Russian-made fighter struck the hospital, trying, in the opinion of the American leadership, to conceal the use of chemical weapons.

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It is noted that until recently, U.S. authorities were not sure who exactly ruled the drone, Russia or Syria. At the moment it is unknown who was flying the plane, blew up the hospital. The source noted that the presence of the drone could not be a coincidence, and that Russia had to know about the impending chemical attack.

The President of the United States Donald trump is ready to give the order for another attack on Syria.

“Kind of gassed people, and the bombs exploded convinces us that if we see such action again, we will keep open the possibility of further action,” said White house spokesman Sean Spicer.

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Recall the relationship between Russia and the United States deteriorated after the night of 7 April, the us military launched a missile strike on Syrian airbase “Sirat”. In Russia these actions are regarded as an aggression and said that Washington is helping the terrorists. The United States insists on the fact that the measures were necessary for security purposes.

Earlier the U.S. permanent representative to the UN, Nikki Haley announced that trump discusses with the members of his administration the possibility of new restrictions against Russia and Iran for supporting Syria.

It also became known that the British foreign Secretary Boris Johnson at the meeting of the foreign Ministers of the G7 in the Italian Lucca will require to toughen sanctions against Russia in response to recent events in Syria, if Moscow does not stop supporting Damascus.

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