Apparatus for the study of dark energy made the first photo

Аппарат для изучения темной энергии сделал первое фото

The Whirlpool galaxy 23 million light years from Earth

This photograph shows the Whirlpool galaxy. According to scientists, the picture does not reveal the capabilities of the instrument.

DESI spacecraft to study dark energy did the galaxy Whirlpool (Whirlpool Galaxy, M 51, Messier 51). The image captures the red light coming from the galaxy, with the lter r-band. This writes the New Atlas.

First the unit was received on 1 April. Imprinted on it the galaxy is in the constellation of the Dogs is 23 million light years from Earth.

According to astronomers, the photo does not reflect all the capabilities of the instrument. In full strength it will work only at the end of this year.

Currently, DESI is in the process of installation at the Mayall telescope in Arizona. For this photo the camera was involved in six large lens that extends the viewing angle of about 16 times.

Earlier it was reported that the space telescope Hubble took a giant storm on Neptune in the form of dark spots.

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