Applause for Ferguson: old Trafford marked the return of Sir Alex

Овации для Фергюсона: как на Олд Траффорд отметили возвращение Сэра Алекса

Sir Alex Ferguson visited Manchester United after a stroke.

In early may, Sir Alex Ferguson had a stroke and he was operated on, after spending four days in a coma. After more than 4 months Sir Alex decided to visit the old Trafford and “live” to watch the match Manchester United and Wolverhampton in the framework of the 6th round of the Premier League.

First press service United announced the return of Ferguson at old Trafford, and 15 minutes before the match Sir Alex appeared on the stands. The audience greeted your pet with a standing ovation. Fergie himself seems to have not changed, at least outwardly.

Note that Manchester United missed out on a victory over Wolverhampton, played a draw – 1:1.

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