Apple and Amazon deny the data about the spy chips

Apple и Amazon отрицают данные о шпионских чипах

Apple and Amazon claim to have never found the chips spy in your equipment

The American company has denied previously appeared information about the Chinese spy chips in their servers.

Apple and Amazon have stated that they have not found a Chinese malware in their computers, according to Bloomberg.

Previously, the Agency reported, citing data from 17 unnamed sources that the Chinese hackers installed spyware microchips in components for servers largest U.S. companies, including Apple and Amazon.

“Apple has never found malicious chips, “manipulation of equipment” or vulnerabilities, specially installed on any of the servers,” − said in a statement.

Apple also denies the existence of any contacts with “the FBI or any other Agency regarding such incident.”

The information contained in the publication, also denied Amazon and Super Micro.

And the foreign Ministry of China has assured that Beijing is a strong advocate of cybersecurity and advocates that work together with the international community to address the problems in this area.

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