Apple designed the iMac glass

The company prepares a patent on a computer screen and keyboard which are integrated into a single glass block.

Apple has filed for a patent on an iMac computer made of glass. On Monday, January 27, reported the Internet portal The Verge.

It is noted that we are talking about the computer where the screen and keyboard are integrated into a single slightly curved the shape of the glass block.

According to the publication, the documents for the patent was filed in may 2019. They contain a description of how the keypad and display can be presented in the form of folding panels. In addition, in the rack located behind the display needs to accommodate ports for connection to peripheral equipment.

As pointed out by the Internet portal, this design is “radical”, in particular, because the company previously so widely used glass panel and not tried to combine in one unit a display and a keyboard.

Earlier it was reported that Apple had assembled a secret team of engineers to develop satellites and related technology.

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