Apple has developed smart clothing, connected to the smartphone

Apple разработала смарт-одежду, подключаемую к смартфону

The company filed a patent application of appropriate technology. That it plans to release the company, is not yet known.

The American company Apple has patented technology to create smart clothing. The relevant document appeared on the website of the Office for patents and trademarks of the United States.

The technology is called fabric with built-in electrical components (Fabric With Embedded Electrical Components). Clothes of this material will be able to connect to the smartphone.

The fabric consists of “conductive” fibers that spread the electrical signal, and “insulating” the outer layers of clothing.

Smart clothes will be able to connect to the iPhone wirelessly, collect and transmit data about the status and human health, play music through built-in headphones.

Previously, Apple has patented a device for tracking sleep. The developers have created a film that traces the points of contact of the person and the bed. It was also reported that Apple is cutting the production of communicators.

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