Apple will pay US $38 billion

Apple выплатит США $38 миллиардов

Apple to invest in the US economy

Technology company Apple is going to pay more than $ 30 billion tax over the next five years, thus investing in the US economy.

Technogiant Apple Inc will pay US a one-time tax on profits of $38 billion, according to the new tax reform adopted by Washington. About it reports on Wednesday, January 17, The Wall Street Journal.

The company plans to invest in the US economy about $30 billion over the next five years.

Also Apple Inc. plans to create in the United States more than 20 thousand jobs, hiring employees in your campus and build another on the United States.

In turn, President Donald trump called the decision “a huge victory for the workers and for the country as a whole.”

Recall Apple became the first company in the world, with the capitalization at the close of trading exceeded $900 billion.