Appointment he said the President is politically strengthened Kyiv region.

The appointment of Alexander he said the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko politically strengthened Kyiv region. Commented edition the first month of the Governor of the Kiev region Gorgan, a political scientist Nikolay Davidyuk, adding that the President made a strong move and a good choice for the area.

As you know, the majority in regional Parliament controls the “Fatherland”, so they had their candidate for the position of head of the state administration. However, the competition was won by another candidate, and political challenges before him will be quite difficult.

“However, we see the beginning of the routine chores without scandals and conflicts. Active participation of the Governor in the current work: direct presence at the points of emergency events, rapid response. Veronica was not a stranger to the region and for the structures of the state apparatus,” – said the analyst.

It is obvious that now there is a formation of the new team in Kyiv regional administration. Dismissed all the assistants, 40% of heads of departments, offices and divisions. It is clear that the Governor is facing a task to strengthen the team President.

“The next challenge for the young Governor – the formation of his own team and loyal support group. The transition Lev Partskhaladze at a high position in the government only confirmed the course for the full update of the team, and now a word for the competition Commission. Actually, the last increase to the Deputy Minister will ensure the stabilization of the situation with the regional center of BPP, which is headed by Lev Partskhaladze”.

Most likely, the more complicated the Governor will work with the chairmen of RGA, which focuses on their local “warlords” and “plunder”.

But it can strengthen people’s deputies of the so-called “Pro” team.

Of candidates from PPB are predicted a working relationship with K. Guzenko and Sergey Mishchenko. Also, the quota IMPACT, the Governor most likely to be able to rely on Arthur Ward, Valeriy Ischenko and Oleg Velikin. At the same time, Gorgan can develop good working relations with the people’s Deputy from BPP Pavel Rizanenko, which is quite cool relations with the regional “Batkivshchyna”. And Olga Chervakova, who leads the anti-corruption campaign against the mayor of Bucha and Irpin.

“Parliamentary support is not limited to the Pro-presidential faction. It seems that the new Governor will also be able to count on the powerful support of the leader of the group “will of the People” Yaroslav Moskalenko. It can play a young Governor on hand, given the influence Moskalenko in the Kiev region and the Parliament as a whole. Before that Gorgan was the head of administration in the majority district Moskalenko and their relations can be called constructive”, – the expert adds.

In the Arsenal of positivity, you can add established relationships with the mayor of Kiev Klitschko, at least they were in the same team during the revolution of dignity.

“The political importance of the Kiev region is not in doubt, no one, and especially sensitive are the sentiments of voters and elites during the mass protests in Kiev, where it is easier to bring it residents. Despite the numerous “Batkivshchyna” faction in the regional Parliament, now the area has another powerful center of political consolidation, and the authority of the young Governor will now work on the authority of the President”, – predicts analyst.

Recall, October 28, Alexander Gorgan was appointed Chairman of the Kyiv regional state administration on the results of the contest in accordance with the requirements of the new law on public service.