April 14, Kyiv will be visited by the representatives of the best foreign language schools

14 апреля Киев посетят представители лучших иностранных языковых школ

April 14, Kyiv will be visited by representatives of a prestigious language schools and centres in the UK, Canada, USA, Switzerland, Spain, Ireland and Cyprus.

The exhibition “Holidays abroad” they will communicate individually with parents who plan the perfect summer vacation for yourself, your children or the whole family. The event was organized by international education company education DEC.

The visitors will help to choose the appropriate option among the group trips for children, individual and family trips for children and adults, language courses for businessmen and those who dream of a great career, but is struggling with the language barrier. High school students and students who are questioning the future of the profession, will find the program with the opportunity to try specialty are on vacation and decide finally.

Among the many destinations you can choose training courses for international exams and intensive courses in English and other languages abroad and in Ukraine.

The guests of the show wait open workshops vacation programs abroad for the summer of 2018, their content, policies, language learning, rich excursion programs. Experts DECeducationрасскажут how to pick the right program, taking into account the wishes and talents of the child, and each of the visitors will separately ask the questions in the consultation area of the exhibition, to consult about the choice of country and educational institution.

The exhibition also will include seminars on self-learning the English language and the jobs of the future Ukrainian language and alternative schools and camps.

Visit the educational exhibits is free, but registration is required.

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