APU deny the existence of the Georgian Legion

В ВСУ отрицают существование грузинского легиона

Soldiers of the Georgian Legion

In Hombre commented on the release of the so-called Georgian Legion.

A separate unit called “Georgian Legion” never existed in the composition of 54 mechanized brigade of the Armed forces of Ukraine. This is stated in the statement of the brigades, posted on Saturday, January 9, in Facebook.

“The command of 54 mechanized brigade APU thank all friends of Ukraine – foreigners who have passed and continue to serve in divisions of the military unit. However, note that a separate unit called “Georgian Legion” composed of 54 brigade never existed” – said in a statement.

54 mechanized brigade said that in 2016, dozens of foreigners have voluntarily entered into contracts with the APU and serve as part of the regular units of the military units.

As reported, soldiers of the military units of the Georgian Legion announced the withdrawal from the 54 mechanized brigade. This decision was taken due to “the incompetence of the commander of crew of Alexey Maystrenko and his illegal orders”.