APU explained to the flight of attack aircraft in Kirillovka

В ВСУ объяснили полет штурмовика в Кирилловке

Flight of the su-25 above the beach

Su-25, flying over the Azov sea beach, participated in military exercises and practiced the exercises.

Ukrainian assault aircraft su-25, which is extreme low flying over the beach near the resort Kyrylivka Zaporozhye region, took part in military exercises and practiced the exercises. This was stated by the representative of the press service of Air forces of Armed forces of Ukraine Dmitry Strutinsky, reports UNN.

“From 29 to 31 may was held command-staff exercises air defense of state military facilities and forces in the event of armed aggression of the enemy. Also worked out tasks as aviation and other troops,” he said.

According to the report of the command of the Air forces of Ukraine, a significant part of the practical phase of the training was provided by the division of aviation, radar, air defense missile forces, separate shelf and separate battalion electronic warfare air command South.

“One of the objectives was to develop countermeasures to the air forces of the imaginary enemy if running in a conditionally restricted altitudes. This is what was done the SU-25, air force Mat. He went to the valid laws and regulations of technical documents flight altitudes. Threats to life and security of people who were on the beach, he had no idea,” said strutynsky.

Earlier in the Donbass held a snap inspection of the aviation units to achieve coherence in the conduct of combined arms action parts.


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