APU has received thousands of anti-tank missiles

ВСУ получили тысячи противотанковых ракет

Army armed domestic ATGM

Ukrainian anti-tank missile complexes became interested in the foreigners say in the Design Bureau Luch.

The armed forces of Ukraine received 200 anti-missile systems Stugna and 3,000 missiles for them. This was told in an interview with the Censor.NO Oleg Korostelev, Director General of design Bureau Luch.

“We put the troops about 200 launchers of anti-tank systems Stugna and about 3 thousand rockets to them,” he said.

Korostelev also noted that reviews of Ukrainian ATGM are good, including leadership and General staff of the army. Official estimates, however, domestic service is not, and you have to rely on the feedback of the military.

“I can say that the military, who had to use this technique – positive. I called the man and told of one occasion on the front. Was standing in a field post, and it is the camera which filmed everything that happened on our positions. Now, with the help of ATRA Corsair at a distance of two kilometers, this post managed to shoot down. It is a precision weapon that is designed to anti-tank rocket flew into the window. I am convinced that our ATRA Corsair, thanks to his fighting qualities, will soon be interested in foreign customers and will become known throughout the world as antitank system Stugna”, – said the CEO.

According to him, the Ukrainian Government is actively interested in the army of the different countries of Europe, including Saudi Arabia.

Earlier the President Petro Poroshenko gave the Armed forces of the certificates 75 anti-tank missile systems Stugna-P and the Corsair.

Stugna-P anti – tank missile system development Kiev design Bureau Luch, one of the leading companies-developers of aircraft and anti-tank weapons in Ukraine.

Korsar anti – tank missile system (ATGM) design Bureau Luch, which is part of the state concern Ukroboronprom. It is designed to destroy stationary and moving modern armored targets and other objects that have combined, spaced or monolithic armour, including reactive armour, as well as small targets.


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