APU in the top 10 armies in Europe, but no recruits

ВСУ в топ-10 армий Европы, но призывников нет

Ukraine military power is in 29th position in the world ranking and 10th position among the largest armies in Europe, but with the call there is a problem.

The project has identified Global Firepower power Index (Power Index) armies in the world. Ukraine it took a worthy place, but it does not negate the problems of our army with autumn appeal.

For example, in Kiev the recruitment drive is on the verge of collapse, as at the beginning of November meant less than 40%. Why?

Rating armies

In the global ranking of leading the armies of the United States of America, the second place was occupied by the army of the Russian Federation. Also, the Russian army – the first in the European ranking of the armed forces.

In the top ten of the world rankings as China, India, France, UK, South Korea, Japan, Turkey and Germany.

ВСУ в топ-10 армий Европы, но призывников нет


First the European top ten were Russia, France, UK. Turkey, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland, Greece and Ukraine.

ВСУ в топ-10 армий Европы, но призывников нет


According to the researchers, as part of the aviation of Ukraine is 240 aircraft, also in service there are 2214 battle tanks, combat cars – 11 868, self-propelled artillery – 1302, towed artillery – 1669, rocket launchers – 625. The assets of Navy Mat 25 vessels.

The military power index (Power Index) for the army in each country was determined on 55 criteria. The experts took into account a variety of weapons. Nuclear power was not the decisive factor in determining the strength of a particular army, but nuclear weapons and was a “bonus”. Considered and the financial stability of countries.

According to Global Firepower, Ukraine has 44 million population, the military personnel of 1.18 million people. The defense budget of Ukraine at 4.88 billion.

Calling problems

In Ukraine, October 1, has started autumn conscription for military service. It will last until December 30. During this time in the armed forces and other military formations for military service plans to recruit 960 17 thousand citizens of Ukraine.

“As of November 5, in accordance with the plan’s call we have called in the Armed forces of Ukraine 39.5% of recruits. The turnout of recruits that are expected to arrive at recruiting stations, it is extremely-extremely low. In the spring we have virtually no breakdowns, and now we are on the verge of collapse,” – said the military Commissar of Kiev Sergey Claflin.

According to the military Commissioner, is now the attendance of recruits on the sites is only 8%.

“The citizens – the inhabitants of Kiev to recruiting stations as not addressed and not treated. We are looking for them with the help of the National police and already delivered to recruiting stations, which is determined by their suitability for military service,” – said the military Commissar.

The reason for the low turnout, he called the General negative attitude to service in the Armed forces, the reduction wave of Patriotic sentiment, the spread negative information about military service in the media and the generally low credibility by the military.

Claflin also said that military service under contract as of November 5, intended 346 citizens, residents of Kiev. Among them 76 women and 163 have the status of combatants.

The regions also have problems, though on a smaller scale.

In Kharkov, about 50% of the young men subject to military service, have not received the summons or ignore them. “Although, according to the decree of the President, shall within ten days, report to the district military enlistment office. Unfortunately, the thousands of people who flee from fulfilling his duty to the country,” said the Colonel of the city military registration and enlistment office Alexander Tomaszewski.

In Uzhgorod at the collection points was not 68% of recruits.

What to do

MP from the faction “Batkivshchyna”Igor Lutsenko sees the problem in the Patriotic education of youth.

“Very sad and very predictable statistics. We have in the state not being a national-Patriotic education of youth. A group of enthusiasts at the Ministry of youth and sports has made allocation for this purpose only laughable 10 million a year, which is about 2 hryvnia for one young man who should raise” – outraged the MP.

Experts say that the APU still have problems with communication and advertising. Although, is the Land forces was recognized as one of the best recruiting video in the world.

“Unfortunately, not all of today understand the importance and need for what military service is actually the key of our physical existence in this period. We have people forget that there is a war. In addition, we must understand that the tasks that were set before the service call (the service configuration or the military commissariats) five years ago, and those challenges that exist today, it is completely different magnitude. Because we have exponentially increased the number of military units. So, naturally, to handle all documents to appeal to young men today need more effort”, – says military expert Sergey Grabski.