APU received a large shipment of weapons

ВСУ получили крупную партию вооружений

The military received 50 Ukrainian anti-tank systems

The military handed over three tanks, five APCS, 50 anti-tank systems, a radar station, six bronekabel and five mortars.

The Ukrainian army has donated more than 65 units of weapons and military equipment, including tanks, armored personnel carriers, armored vehicles and precision-guided antitank missiles. On Thursday, November 15, reports Interfax-Ukraine.

So, Kyiv armored plant handed APU three restored and modernized T-72 tanks and five BTR-3.

The enterprises of Ukroboronprom also gave the Ukrainian military 20 high-precision anti-tank missile system Stugna-P and 30 Corsairs from the design Bureau Luch, and mobile radar of the circular review Delta developed and manufactured by GP radar systems research Institute Kvant-Radiolocation.

Private enterprise Ukrainian armored vehicles, in turn, gave the military six specialized armored vehicles, as well as five 82 mm mortars and portable WPC-82 Ukrainian development.

According to Ukroboronprom, the enterprise group for the nine months, passed the military more than 3,5 thousand units of weapons and military equipment.

Earlier in the Ukraine, tested a new 120-mm mortar complex of bars-8ММК established on the basis of armored leopard-8.


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