APU repelled attack of separatists in Luhansk headquarters

ВСУ отбили атаку сепаратистов на Луганщине − штаб

APU repulsed attempts to capture their positions in the Luhansk region

The Ukrainian side has prevented attempts to capture the strongholds of ATO forces under the Groove.

In the press center of the headquarters of the ATO reported that the separatists during the day Wednesday, June 7, was significant aggravation of the situation in the village of Zholobok in Luhansk region.

It is noted that attempts were made to capture the strong points of ATO forces and expanding the bridgehead near the Groove.

“The enemy used heavy artillery, mortars. From the direction of temporarily occupied settlement of Frunze on the Ukrainian positions with 14.20 and up to 21 hours led to the firing of the enemy tank. These actions occurred against the background of the caller information of intervention in the media space. Traditionally the main information occasion was the allegation of the Ukrainian army offensive on this direction”, − stated in the message press center.

Headquarters: the Enemy destroys the homes of the population to create fake news

According to the headquarters at 22.00, attempts to capture the positions of the APU was successfully repulsed, and the separatists have lost 25 people, 11 of whom were killed.

Interfax-Ukraine reports that the Russian media, the leaders of the separatists controlling the occupied territories of the Luhansk region, accused of exacerbating the Ukrainian side and other participants of the Minsk process, except the Russian Federation.

In particular, quoted the head LNR Igor Carpenter about that, “responsibility for the bloodshed in the Donbass, along with (President of Ukraine − ed.) Poroshenko must bear the OSCE, as well as the leaders of Germany and France who do not use their capabilities to force the Kiev regime to the world.”

Napomnim, June 7 in the area of ATO killed two Ukrainian soldiers and 11 were injured. Especially tense situation was observed on Lugansk the direction.

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