APU was awarded the best missile

В ВСУ наградили лучших ракетчиков

The rocket fire drew cadets

The winners received money certificates. First place was taken by anti-aircraft missile battalion S-300В1 of Uman.

According to the results of the firings anti-aircraft missile units of the best divisions received cash prizes.This was reported on the page of the command of the Air forces of Ukraine in Facebook on Tuesday, November 6.

First place was taken by anti-aircraft missile battalion S-300В1 of Uman, the second missile of the s-300PT from Nikopol, and the third division of s – 300PS from the Kiev region. The winners received money certificates for 150 thousand, 100 thousand and 50 thousand UAH respectively.

In combat firing from 19 October to 5 November was attended by the students of the faculty of anti-aircraft missile troops of the Kharkov national University of Air forces of them.Ivan Kozhedub.

In the course of combat firing of anti-aircraft missile units on the ground Yagorlyk in the Kherson region of the seven types of anti-aircraft missile complexes were produced more than 30 anti-aircraft missiles at actual and simulated targets.

As reported last week in Kherson region were combat missile firing. The purpose of the maneuvers was to test the air defense system. In the shooting on the range Yagorlyk participated the s-300 and Buk, tor and OSA AKM.


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