AquaWay in a car fired several bullets – the Prosecutor’s office

По авто Окуевой выпустили несколько пуль – прокуратура

Police at the murder scene Amines AquaWay

The Prosecutor of Kyiv region gave the details of the murder of the Amines AquaWay.

The attackers fired at the car, which was the Chechen volunteer fighters ATO Amin Okueva and Adam Osmayev, a few bullets. This was stated by the Prosecutor of the Kiev region Dmitry Chibisov, reports channel 112 Ukraine.

According to him, the murder carried out quickly-investigative actions. According to preliminary data, the killer fired several bullets.

“Now inspected the scene, data are brought in eRDR. All these details subsequently say. All circumstances are investigated. Operational staff and investigators is the review of adjoining territory, to find the means of fixing. There are certain orientations. Unfortunately, not sound. I can say that it was not one bullet”, he said.

Chibisov noted, at the moment, measures are being taken to locate the shooters.

“Considering all of the evidence, in particular, use technical means for fixing the detection working group of experts. Now there is an important circumstances that is fixed, hopefully in the future will be set. Now is the interception of persons, there are some considerations, but this is not all handled,” the Prosecutor said.

According to local residents, the attackers were two. People heard several gunshots, which lasted for 5-7 seconds.

The murder of the Amines AquaWay: all the details

Recall the murder of the Amines AquaWay occurred on the evening of October 30 at a railway crossing near the village of glevakha, Kyiv region. The car, which was Okueva, was fired. Her husband, Adam Osmaev, was wounded.

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