Arakhamia explained the haste of voting for impeachment

Арахамия объяснил поспешность голосования за импичмент

The servant of the people makes the laws that promised, says Arakhamia

The Servant of the people do not see violations of the Rules in the voting of the bill in two readings at one meeting.

The law on impeachment of the President was adopted during a single meeting in connection with the request of the community, the regulation was not violated, said the head of the Servants of the people David Arakhamiya on Tuesday, September 10.

“Today, we so persistently voted in the first reading and in General, because immediately after adopted the law on the lifting of immunity, we go outside and talk to people and they say, “what about impeachment of the President? You also promised”, – Arakhamiya says.

However, he sees no violations of the regulations of the Verkhovna Rada during voting for the law. “We do not see any violations of the Rules. This is the first. Secondly, all the bills that we have already voted on, the opposition always says: “violation of Rules”, – said the MP.

He also said that the adopted today the bill on first reading will be accepted as a whole on September 17.

“We came to the consensus that further consideration of bills … We have agreed that parliamentary tradition is important, and therefore we will go on an abbreviated procedure. We have 7 days, in fact, in order for the committees to finalize, some sensible comments to be taken into account. In the second reading next week what we voted today in the first reading next Tuesday will be voted in the second reading”, – Arakhamiya told.

As reported, after the vote for the bill on impeachment based on the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Dmitry Razumkov invited to vote for the document as a whole, but a few members of Parliament shouted from the audience that I have objections. However, the bill was approved in General, and before that, the majority voted for the recognition of the bill is not in need of improvement. These actions caused indignation of a number of factions.


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