Arakhamiya told about changes in ideology in the Servant of the people

Арахамия рассказал об изменении идеологии в Слуге народа

David Arakhamiya commented on a socialist roll of Servants of the people

The party wants to meet the demands of the voters, and this explains the turn in the direction of socialism.

The party is the servant of the people should match the request of people on the welfare state, said the head of the faction David Arakhamiya in interview Лига.net published on Tuesday, November 12.

“Overall, I believe that social liberalism is the place to be, though it is a very difficult task,” he said.

According to arakhamiya, the Ukrainian society – the “super-social”, even the youth sees the state “active participant and regulator of the processes.” At the same time, a political party in Ukraine is a “marketing product”, said the head of fraction of SN, so, if the party will not respond to the social request of the voters, it will “not represent the mass market”.

While Arakhamia denies that the election statement about the libertarian ideology of the Servants of the people, it was a marketing ploy.

“We have libertarians. Ten years ago, it was hard to imagine that on the agenda will be the question of the land market or medical cannabis,” said he.

Arakhamia also expressed confidence that the land market will still be, although he acknowledged that “with the votes is really hard.”

Recall, 10 November the party the servant of the people held a Congress, which was elected the new leader of the party. It was Alexander Kornienko.

Earlier, the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Dmitry Razumkov resigned of the head of the Servants of the people.

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