Arbitration in the Hague rejected Russian claims the suit PrivatBank

Арбитраж в Гааге отказал РФ в требованиях по иску ПриватБанка

The court of arbitration in the Hague dismissed the claims of the Russian Federation

It comes to PrivatBank‘s assets in Crimea. Russia was not involved in the case to the arbitration court decisions.

The permanent court of arbitration in the Hague rejected Russia in demanding a revision of the questions of jurisdiction and violation of obligations on the claim PrivatBank regarding lost assets in Crimea. On Friday, September 13, the press service of the Bank.

“On September 12, the Permanent court of arbitration in the Hague in the case of protection of investments against the Russian Federation, refused the Russian Federation in demanding the revision of the resolved questions of the jurisdiction of production and of the obligations breached, as specified in the interim award dated 24 February 2017 and a partial award of February 4, 2019”, – stated in the message.

The case in arbitration was started by PrivatBank in 2015 for violating the Russian Federation’s obligations in respect of PrivatBank’s assets in Crimea under the agreement on encouragement and mutual protection of investments concluded between the Ukraine and Russia. The Russian Federation did not participate in the case to the arbitration court for those decisions. Now the Russian Federation has appointed its representatives in court and the production will continue its transition to the next stage, said in the Bank.

Earlier it was reported that PrivatBank has partially won a lawsuit in the Hague on assets in Crimea.


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