Archaeologists found the valuable knife of the bronze age

Археологи нашли ценны нож бронзового века

Ancient artifact equated to IPhone

Reporters compared to the ancient find with the iPhone because of its value in that time. His age is estimated at about 4 thousand years.

In England archaeologists have found an ancient knife in the grave with 4000-year-old remains. Reported by the Mirror.

In the English town of Wooler archeologists have found ancient ceramic knife. It was a rather important and valuable tool of the time. Because of the value and importance of the artifact it was compared to the iPhone.

The knife was made of flint and still retained sharpness. It is put in the grave to help the dead person in the afterlife.

Earlier in a Chinese tomb found the “elixir of immortality.” It was also reported that in Egypt found the sunken ancient ship.

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