Archaeologists have found belonging to Cleopatra ancient relics

Археологи нашли принадлежавшие Клеопатре древние реликвии

Finds decorated with images of king Ptolemy V and his family, as well as Cleopatra.

In Upper Egypt, archaeologists found two ancient relics that date back to the lifetime of king Ptolemy V Epiphanes and Cleopatra. The finding reported on the website of the Ministry of antiquities.

Scientists have found two plates with a length of over two meters. Sandy plate of the same size of 2.53 meters contains figures of king Ptolemy and Cleopatra. Also on it 29 rows of hieroglyphs.

The second plate reaches 2.8 meters in length and is decorated with the image of the Royal family with the king and Queen. It also has two of the text, consisting of 34 and 33 characters.

The find was discovered in the temple of Kom Ombo in Upper Egypt. The building is the only structure remaining from the ancient city Nubit.

Earlier, the Israeli boy found a rare ancient figure of the goddess is Also the Correspondent wrote that in Kenya found a mass grave by the age of five thousand years

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