Archaeologists have found valuable artifacts in Olbia

Археологи нашли ценные артефакты в Ольвии

In Olbia have been discovered valuable artifacts of the IV century

Archaeologists discovered on the territory of ancient Greek colony Olbia detail of house and valuable items.

A group of Ukrainian-Polish archaeologists during an expedition found on site of ancient Greek colony Olbia fragments of houses, and a number of valuable items. They dated to the fourth century. This was reported by Polish radio.

Izvstno that Olivia is the most important Greek colony located in the Lower bug region and based 647 BCE

Participation in the research project were scientists from the National Museum in Warsaw and the Institute of archaeology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Expedition leader Alfred Twardecki noted that the opening is proof that Olivia has a settlement.

In particular, it was discovered utensils used in everyday life of local residents.

“Dishes in very good condition, and seemed to be made in a good workshop. Therefore, we assume that the house that we studied belonged to rich townspeople – they could afford the purchase of expensive dishes. Still in Olbia, we were unable to find a container,” he added.

Archologiest season this year ends in a few days. With the start of the project in Olbia Polish and Ukrainian archaeologists have found more than 300 objects of great scientific value. The work will continue next year.

Earlier it was reported that in Greece were found the oldest portion of the Odyssey of Homer, engraved on a clay tablet.

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