Archaeologists have shown the knife, which is 90 thousand years

Археологи показали нож, которому 90 тысяч лет

Archaeologists have found bone 90 000-year-old knife

Scientists six years examined bone the find and is only now presented data to the world.

In Morocco, found a knife made of bone, whose age is 90,000 years. The finding was discovered in 2012, but this time it examined in the laboratory. Scientific article about the artifact placed in the journal PLoS ONE.

The staff of the National Institute of archaeology and cultural heritage of Morocco and the University of Oxford found a bone knife in the cave of Dar es-Soltan 1.

Since the discovery of the artifact studied and came to the conclusion that it is made of ox bone. The age of the artifact 90 thousand years. It is determined by the layer of earth in which it was discovered.

Also experts have suggested that the weapon was created by representatives of a very early type of Homo sapiens americkou culture. Previously in South Africa, scientists have found a pattern which 73 thousand years

Also the Correspondent wrote that archaeologists announced the sensational discovery near Sophia

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