Army removes from the preservation of rockets Point-U – media

Армия снимает с консервации ракеты Точка-У - СМИ

Tochka-U is the most powerful means of hitting the APU

Missile systems Tochka-U are the most powerful means of hitting the APU.

The Ukrainian army further reduces the preservation tactical missile systems Tochka-U, the Ukrainian military portal in Facebook.

The portal has also published pictures likely to reopen the complex.

Representatives of the UMP explained that among all the missiles that are in service with the Ukrainian army, in the same condition not previously recorded none.

The report notes that in 2014 the Point Is the Ukrainian military forces used in battle for Saur-Grave, and certain other operations. It is argued that Russia used against Ukraine.

Note, in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, these missiles are considered the most powerful means of destruction.

Previously, the Network showed a test of the new Ukrainian rocket.

Also we will remind that in the beginning of the month Ukraine has conducted missile exercises near the Crimea.