Arrested in Georgia, the Ukrainians went on hunger strike – lawyer

Арестованные в Грузии украинцы объявили голодовку – адвокат

The court in Tbilisi against the citizens of Ukraine

The Ukrainians claim that they arrived in Georgia for tourism purposes and do not agree with the charges against them.

Detained at the weekend in Tbilisi six Ukrainians and one citizen of Georgia went on hunger strike in protest.

It is reported by Interfax with reference to one of the lawyers of the detainees, George Rostomashvili on Tuesday, 4 December.

According to the lawyer, the detainees do not agree with the charges against them.

Earlier Tuesday, the Tbilisi city court arrested Ukrainian and Georgian. Lawyers insisted on the release of detainees on bail, but the judge agreed with the arguments of the prosecution that the detainees in this case, you can try to hide, but also commit a new crime, or attempt to hinder the investigation.

Recall, December 2, six Ukrainian citizens and one citizen of Georgia was detained during a special operation in two hotels in Tbilisi, where they stopped. They seized pistols Beretta and Makarov, automatic hand gun and ammunition. On this fact in Georgia began criminal proceedings.

It is established that the detainees arrived in Georgia 27 November, on the eve of the second round of presidential elections in this country. The investigation finds out the particular purpose of their visit to Georgia, including the possible link of these persons with extending the country’s political processes.

According to lawyers, the detainees claim that arrived in Georgia for tourist purposes.

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