Arrested in the “case Klimenko” the property is never confiscated – lawyer

Арестованное по "делу Клименко" имущество никогда не конфискуют - адвокат

Lawyer Serhiy Voichenko

Evaluation confiscated were carried out in violation of the law, says the lawyer.

Most of the property, arrested in the investigation of “case Klimenko,” never will be confiscated. About this on his page in Facebook said Sergey Voychenko, Chairman of the bar Association Voichenko and Dul.

“Law enforcement made a loud statement that in the case of Yanukovych-Klimenko (although Viktor Yanukovych in the criminal proceedings the suspect has not been announced) the seized property to 900 million UAH. However, society does not explain what is this property and what will get the state budget with the arrest of these States. But all of these assets will never be confiscated, at least most of it. Because law enforcement officers have arrested all in a row: estate ex-wives, acquired in the Soviet period, arrested the property, received an inheritance, the property of ex-wives, brothers, husbands of sisters, arrested the money with which taxes are paid, that is, the Declaration, and the like. Everything and indiscriminately, go for quantity, and quality, nobody cares” – he wrote.

Moreover, counsel stated that the evaluation of seized property detained ex-the tax was carried out with violations of current legislation. Therefore, in his opinion, naming the amounts of seized property, military prosecutors commit a crime.

“The military Prosecutor General and the Prosecutor General’s office does not know that the only body that can issue a certificate of an independent appraiser, that the state property Fund of Ukraine. The military prosecutors, who are these “assessments” were conducted, no individuals with such certificates. So any stock with a market can be evaluated and on the website of the GPU to print it,” said the lawyer.

In addition, Voichenko argues that the courts satisfy all the requests of prosecutors without carrying out of open court hearings and lawyers present.

“Won 256 of the meetings? That they won? They did not win. No lawyer in this meeting was not. It was not even meeting, and prosecutors with the stick went to the judges, and no process. 256 won meetings – when he, the Prosecutor, in the process comes with the defenders and proves the facts,” he wrote.

We will remind, on the eve of the press service of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine issued a statement, which stated that in the framework of the “case of Yanukovych-Klimenko” arrested property of 900 million UAH.

“During the investigation of a criminal organization, which has been enriched according to the scheme of illegal tax evasion by companies in the real sector of the economy, the prosecutors of the Chief military Prosecutor’s office of Ukraine took part in the examination 258 petitions in the courts on the measures of providing of criminal proceedings. Most of them (163) concerned the seizure of property of suspects. All the requests are satisfied. Currently arrested movable and immovable assets of 900 million UAH”, – stated in the message of the GPU.

As reported, on may 24 during raids in 15 regional offices of the former Ministry of income and charges has been arrested 23 people.

Detained ex-tax bail was set at 444 million.