Arsenal – CSKA 4:1. Online Europa League match

Арсенал – ЦСКА 4:1. Онлайн матча Лиги Европы

In the current season Europa League 1/4 finals will start. One of the pairs of quarterfinalists was the tandem of Arsenal – CSKA. Online live match LE on Корреспондент.net.

Thursday, 5 April, London will host the match in the quarter-finals of the Europa League season 2017/18. Will opposition to the home stadium of Arsenal “Emigrants – Ashburton grove”. At the beginning of the game is scheduled for 22:05 local time.

Betting company Favorit Sport is an obvious favorite of the match believes the Arsenal. To win longiew bets are accepted with a factor of 1.32. In the Russians, the bookmakers do not believe in their victory ratio of 10.5. A draw can be supplied with a ratio of 5.3.

Online broadcast of the match Arsenal – CSKA Корреспондент.net:

Carries Arsenal CSKA. If you don’t slow down – score. CSKA need to score to get back in the fight.


44. Open football with us, and have no intention to close CSKA, Arsenal uses it.

42. Ozil could have scored, forgive CSKA.

40. Musa did not give Sennikova, although he could, and shot straight at the goalkeeper.

37. Well, showered with CSKA?? Or still going?

35. COOOOOOLLLL!!!! 4:1!! THE DEFEAT IN THE FIRST HALF!!! Lacaze laid the ball right into the corner!!! Another assist by Ozil on the account.

34. Kuchaev ruined a promising attack strange canopy.

30. Dzagoev received a yellow card for talking.

29. Berezutski rushed to complete the counterattack, which dispersed Musa, but his shot badly wide of the target.

28. ГООООООООЛЛЛЛЛЛЛЛЛЛЛЛИИИИИИИИИИИЩЩЩЕЕЕ!!!!! Very nice scores Arsenal! Throw Ozil and Ramsey with the heel throws the net!!! 3:1!

25. Golovin, as usual, the best CSKA. Lead all attacks. Now the flank was sent to Musa, but a cross from the Nigerian failed.

22. GOOOOOOOAL!!!!! 2:1!! Again ahead of Arsenal. Lacaze clearly realized the 11-meter, no chance for Akinfeev.

21. Thought the judge consulted with his assistants, and has appointed a penalty for a foul on Ozil schennikova.

19. Xhaka almost section of Wernbloom but the referee whistled a foul in favor of the hosts.

18. Did not expect such a hurried from CSKA Arsenal. Wilted wards Wenger.

16. But CSKA got a taste. Musa skipped past two defenders Arsenal, but missed the near corner.

15. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now it will buy Arsenal! Perfect free kick from Golovin, right in the top corner! Goal handsome!

GOOOOOL! HOLAAAAAAA! 1:1! #Arsenalski

— PFC CSKA Moscow (@pfc_cska) April 5, 2018.

14. Golovin earned a dangerous free kick. It’s a chance.

13. The army filed tszhe two corners, to no avail, even blows were not.

11. Quickly missed CSKA and the defeat could be reached.

9. GOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!! And yet Arsenal scored. Ramsey. Very far visually, all came from London. Bellerin shot, Ramsey was shot.

RAMBOOOOOOO!#AFCvCSKA 🔴 1-0 ⚫ amazing game (9)

— Arsenal FC (@Arsenal) April 5, 2018.

7. Arsenal scored, but the referee signalled for offside. Where offside is not very clear. Lucky for CSKA.

6. The first approach of the army, good speed, but the flow schennikova vnikuda.

4. For the first time. Ozil put Mkhitaryan through on impact to the grid, but from the outside. It was dangerous.

2. Londoners took the ball that, in principle, expected.

1. Arsenal have won their last four games. Well CSKA today there is a chance?


CSKA this season in Euro cups plays away better than at home. Arsenal hopes to win the Europa League, to somehow sweeten disastrous season.


Arsenal – Czech, Mustafi, Monreal, Bellerin, Koscielny, Ramsey, Xhaka, Wilshire, Ozil, Mkhitaryan, Lacazette.

CSKA Moscow – Akinfeev, Ignashevich, Berezutski, Schennikov, Berezutski, Nath, Kuchaev, Wernbloom, Dzagoev, Golovin, Moses.

The teams have already met in the game in the Eurocup. The 2006/07 Champions League clubs played two matches in the group stage. Then, the minimum victory of CSKA – 1:0 in the series of two matches.

In this season, the home team played 10 matches within the LE, which lost two – 1:0 German Cologne and 1:2 with the Swedish Ostersundom. Another meeting with the red Star Arsenal have completed the dry world.

Currently in championship Premier League Arsenal occupies the 6th place.

CSKA started in LE with the stage of the playoffs. In the 1/16 final, the Russians played with the Serbian club red Star Belgrade – 0:0 and 1:0. In the 1/8 finals, CSKA edged out French Lyon 0:1 at home and 2:3 away.

In the Russian Premier League CSKA takes the 3rd place, behind the capital Lokomotiv and Spartak.

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