Artificial intelligence. Fears Mask and Hawking

Искусственный интеллект. Опасения Маска и Хокинга

Even in 2015, hundreds of scientists and inventors, including Musk, Hawking and Wozniak, urged to abandon the idea of weapons with AI.

The famous American inventor Elon Musk recently called artificial intelligence, the main threat that humanity is facing as a civilization.

And the next day in one of the shopping centers of Washington is a high-tech robot COP refused to do his work and drowned in the fountain.

Not the first time the bright minds warn of the dangers of artificial intelligence and robots refuse to obey.


Humanity will perish in this Millennium

The famous English physicist and science popularizer Stephen Hawking has repeatedly urged to look for new planets for settlement, otherwise humanity will perish.

He believes that our civilization will not survive over the next Millennium. According to physics, a growing risk of destruction of mankind from natural disasters. For example, from a sudden nuclear war, artificially created genetic virus or from artificial intelligence.

Hawking urges people to take more interest in space travel for the future.

In April of this year during his speech at the Global mobile Internet conference, where he read out the report on the role of AI in the modern world, the physicist said that if humanity will not be able to control artificial intelligence, in the end, will lose, as people confined to biological evolution and can not compete with the machines.


The first violation of the laws of robotics

In 2016, an engineer from the University of California at Berkeley Alexander Reben has created a robot that can do harm to human being and make the decision yourself.

Reuben decided to demonstrate that mankind must think about their safety before actively robotization all around.

The engineer has created a seemingly harmless design with a separate human finger. As soon as the person touches the designated place, the robot detects this action and decides whether to cause harm to the person or not.

For this, the robot has a small needle, which is designed to demonstrate the power of the robot in front of a man.

Reuben notes that even the Creator can’t predict the behavior of seemingly innocuous machine.

Your robot researcher wanted to prove that we need to think more about the creation of a “red button” than on the rapid development of robotics and artificial intelligence.


Artificial intelligence – the main threat

During a speech before the National governors Association USA a few days ago Elon Musk has described artificial intelligence as the biggest threat facing our civilization.

The inventor believes that the development of AI should be controlled at the state level and urged the us government for speedy intervention in the process of development of the technology.

“I have access to the latest technologies in the field of AI, and I think that people should be concerned about this. AI is a fundamental threat to the existence of mankind. It is incomparable with the accidents, crash, defective medications and bad food,” said Musk.

He previously talked about the danger of artificial intelligence. But this speech was particularly attractive because of its extreme sharpness and determined the call to intervene.

Sarah Connor has already confirmed the activation of SkyNet

In 2015, the correspondent of the newspaper Financial Times, Sarah O’connor became the main “heroine” of the story about the work of the German Volkswagen factory, killed a robotic installation.

The reason was the similarity of her name with the character of the terminator movies, as well as the time of publication – on the eve of the premiere of the new part of the famous franchise.

In the evening of July 1, Connor shared an article from the Financial Times on Twitter and a few hours fasting, in which users saw a reference to the rise of the machines, collected several thousand retweets.

The girl came to realize a curious situation, because, according to her, she’s never seen Terminator and couldn’t understand why her tape is full of people writing about SkyNet – the fictional system on the basis of artificial intelligence that in the movies manages missile defense and nuclear weapons of the United States.

A robot has killed a worker in a VW plant in Germany

— Sarah O’connor (@sarahoconnor_) July 1, 2015.

Artificial intelligence can arise by itself

Known programmer, co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak in 2015, said that the development of artificial intelligence potentially dangerous to humans.

“I agree with Hawking and Musk, who warned that mankind’s future can be very bleak. Sooner or later thinking of devices designed to facilitate our lives, and begin to understand that they are better. Who will then manage the companies, slow – moving person or car,” said Wozniak.

However, a year later, he already changed his mind.

“At some point I had fears, because when you replace the brains of the company with people losing money, machines do everything for us, and there are no more jobs. I thought so, but then completely changed his opinion on several reasons,” said the businessman.

One of them is Moore’s law, which is not going to create a machine smart enough to really think the way this man does.

“Another reason is that even if machines can think like people, they can not have intuition and say what they will do next and what they can get. They are simply unable to operate with such concepts. In keeping with this perspective, we are really not talking about AI – it can occur by itself,” explains Wozniak.

He believes that if machines become independent thinkers, then there will be eternal partners of people standing over all other species.

Baby robot attacked a man

At the end of 2016, Chinese Chubby Little bot went out of control on the technological exhibition and began smashing a glass display of their creators.

As a result, suffered one of the staff of the exhibition, tried to stop an angry robot according to various sources, he or ran on foot men, or cut from broken glass. The victim was taken away on a stretcher with an ankle injury.

Little Chubby was created to teach children aged 4 to 12 years. The manufacturer then stated that the guilty of the incident the operator had mistaken the button, and the system of avoiding collisions did not work because of Little Chubby was open control panel.


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