Artificial intelligence has learned to “see” depression

Искусственный интеллект научили "видеть" депрессию

Scientists have created a program to determine with an accuracy of 85%, if someone has depression.

At Stanford University scientists learned how to diagnose depression with a smartphone. It is reported by arXiv.

Experts have created application with which the artificial intelligence can diagnose depression. For this you need to download the app with the special neural network on the smartphone.

The computer analyzes the mental state of the person based on the stored video interview. 189 processed video interviews of people with depression and without, the artificial intelligence “learned” to identify depression with an accuracy of 85%.

Initially, the researchers wanted to determine the depression in your voice. Scientists warn that millions of people do not know that suffer from depression and underestimate the harm of this disease.

Before scientists named the main “enemy” of weight loss. It was also reported that China has lost the scientist who created genetically modified children.

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