Artillery Russia has prevented Ukraine in 2014 – Bellingcat

Артиллерия РФ помешала Украине в 2014 - Bellingcat

In the opinion of the Bellingcat party, it prevented the artillery troops to liberate the Donbas.

Lead author of the report on cross-border attacks, the party Bellingcat Sean Case, said the reasons for the major losses of the Ukrainian army in 2014.

In an interview with the Apostrophe Case said that due to the Russian artillery attack during which they used a wide range of artillery weapons, the Ukrainian military could not win in the summer of 2014.

“Based on our report it is difficult to say exactly how many Russian soldiers were directly involved in cross-border attacks. But, according to our minimum estimate of, 149 artillery attack on hundreds of kilometers of the Russian-Ukrainian border, require the participation of hundreds of Russian troops. There was no doubt that many Russian soldiers indirectly involved in cross-border attacks, through training, equipping, and maintaining bases that have supplied guns and ammunition,” he rasskazal.

Also Bellingcat identified several large Russian military camp 20 km from the Ukrainian border in the summer of 2014 and in close proximity to many positions for artillery fire.

“I can confidently say that in these camps housed thousands of Russian soldiers,” said Keyes.

Earlier, the Bellingcat published a report on acts of war of Russia against Ukraine.

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