Arum: the figures we knocked out of MMA all d*RMO

Арум: По цифрам мы выбиваем из ММА все д*рьмо

Bob Arum

Bob Arum suggested, what is the reason for the interest of the owners of the UFC in Boxing.

Famous Boxing promoter Bob Arum believes that the UFC problem with MMA, so it tends to hold Boxing tournaments

“FC now in the particular ass. They did an incredible job on building the company. Fertitta (the owners of the UFC) sold it for billions of dollars, but now buyers were secondary organization.

UFC can’t do business as before, because they have no stars. And stars like Conor McGregor, Georges St-Pierre’s – they’re awake and not going to fight for the crumbs to the involved in the UFC money.

Dana white will have to pay them as we pay boxers. White suffers from the fact that the new owners, for whom they are responsible, took away the UFC a lot of money, but now can’t get them back and monetizirovat,” said Bob.

“MMA unpopular around the world, perhaps with the exception of Brazil, which has its own problems. Arena USA where UFC holds events as half empty, while sales of the PPV you can throw in the toilet. When at the same time with our air on ESPN is their event on FOX, the figures we knock the shit out of them,” added Arum.

Earlier, white stated that the UFC will exist with or without MacGregor.

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