As 10-12 police officers are unable to “pack” raging few “majors”?

Как 10-12 сотрудников полиции не смогли "запаковать" нескольких разбушевавшихся "мажоров"?

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In the night from 23 to 24 August 6 the National police (which seems to be new, but for the most part – old) was beaten to death by a man in Krivoe Ozero.

In the night from 29 to 30 August 5 crews of the patrol police (which seems to be quite new), that is, 10-12 employees, are unable to “pack” raging few “monkeys”. In some moments the video shows that one “monkey” has 5 patrol.

On the one hand, I’m somewhere very, very deeply you can imagine the stupor and confusion of our defenders of order. After the curve Lake with them, and certainly held a preventive conversation on the subject of avoiding excessive violence, yeah.

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I can imagine that there is a complete mess with the legal framework. That’s what I can imagine in the faces and photos, with the same stuff I face in the Ministry of defence often enough.

I can imagine that in the pursuit of “new face” of the patrol police there, scored a lot of cute boys and girls. Yes, they walk the streets, all like new. And selfie, right? Without them. And yet they translate the old ladies across the street, help to change the wheel and push the car stalled. Yes? And it’s not bad, absolutely! But yet there are also the function of law enforcement!

One thing I can imagine. The video clearly shows the blows that the “majors” roll of the right and left. Then I’m certainly not an expert, but there are no obstacles to arrest?

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So what’s the point of this reform? In the pursuit of external QuickWin forgot to explain to the lovely young people that their task is a PROTECTION order?

How about now? What’s next?

Yury Biryukov

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