As a city of Ukraine decorated for the New year

Как города Украины украсили к Новому году

Ukrainian regional centers before the New 2017 shone magical towns. Decorated Christmas tree and the DNR-LNR.

Regional centers of the Ukraine glow Christmas lights in anticipation of 2017. The centres of cities after the opening of the main Christmas trees is like a fairy residence. Decorated Christmas trees and on uncontrollable Kiev territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, however, modest.

Как города Украины украсили к Новому году

Poltava, Christmas town-2017

The tallest Christmas tree traditionally in Kharkov to 36.7 m. low – 15 meters – in Poltava, but she looks also excellent.

Как города Украины украсили к Новому году

The Dnieper, Christmas tree-2017

The main new year tree of Kiev – 2017 height-took fourth place 26 meters. But Christmas town situated on several locations in the center of Kiev, of course, probably the best in Ukraine.

Как города Украины украсили к Новому году

Kharkiv, Christmas town-2017

Deribasovskaya street in Odessa is a place with garlands and Christmas balls. By the way, inhabitants of Odessa, in addition to home, have created some unusual urban trees. So, in Kotovsk at the shopping center has established a Christmas tree made of mirrors and divers in suits of Santa clauses decorated underwater Christmas tree in the Odessa area of the Black sea. Her dressed up wrecks in 1942, the Romanian ship Sulina.

Как города Украины украсили к Новому году

Odessa, underwater tree-2017 in the Black sea

Photos: top Christmas trees and ornaments Ukrainian cities for the New year 2017:

It is worth noting that in non-government-controlled regional centers of Donetsk and Luhansk have also opened a Christmas tree and fairs:

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