As a result of explosions in two cities in Syria killed at least 100 people

В результате взрывов в двух городах Сирии погибли по меньшей мере 100 человек

As a result of explosions in two Syrian cities controlled by government forces, killing at least 100 people , according to the staff of the observation mission of human rights, AlArabiya reports.

Explosions sounded in Jableh and Tartous, killing at least 100 people and dozens wounded. In both cases, the car exploded with a suicide.

We will remind, today in the morning two explosions occurred in the temporary capital of Yemen, city of Aden, where 45 people were killed.

The conflict in Syria lasts since 2011, it began mass demonstrations of the Syrian opposition against Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian President. However, Assad could not be overthrown, and then the opposition came into armed confrontation with government troops.

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Over time, opposition forces were divided, and part of them joined the nascent in Iraq, the radical Islamist movement “Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant”, whose goal was to establish an Islamic Caliphate, living under Sharia law, throughout the Arab world. Active resistance to ISIS in Iraq has provided the Kurdish autonomy, the Kurds supported the US and coalition in the fight against Islamist extremists.

In addition to direct armed conflict, ISIS also carries out terror acts on the territory not only of Middle Eastern States but also in Europe. This organization is behind the terrorist attacks in Paris in November 2015, and Brussels in April 2016.