As for 10 lessons become a Pro and start making 4 times more

Как за 10 занятий стать профессионалом и начать зарабатывать в 4 раза больше

Famous Ukrainian designer-architect Victoria Yakusha runs a course for aspiring designers “$ in Cuba”.

Is it possible? As it turned out — Yes! 10 years of successful practice in the field of architecture and design, internship in France, numerous trips on the best exhibitions in the world, participating and winning projects of our Studio in many national and international competitions have become a decisive factor to develop and run a special course for the aspiring designer “$ in Cuba” (from the English.words start – beginning, support – support and success – success).

Why not share experiences and accumulated knowledge? Yes and look what complex projects trusted by inexperienced designers is not very nice. Or another situation: it was a great idea, the first steps are made, and how to implement the project until the end – I don’t know. And here comes to help the rate “of$ in the cube”.

I set out to create the perfect program (maximalists they are!), which will help new designers and architects to become more confident in their bold projects, and so professionals, in order to have enough arguments to convince the client that “this interior” to him. And, of course, with such skills they earn will be much more.

My goal is not only to teach the new, correct texparameteri and finished the chips, I want to give a fishing rod” to his disciple — to help shape its own vision and implement it brilliantly.

What should be the course

First- very practical. That is, in the classroom students are learning from the experience of masters of their craft, learn from his mistakes instead of your own. In the classroom there are revealed such secrets that will neither hear nor read in books, and the more they will not give the Internet. 40 hours practical hours, I think, is more than enough. Course “$ in Cuba” reveals all the modern trends of the world design, shows which of the techniques in the design already bad, and which for many years can be used in the work.

Second group needs to be small. A maximum of 7-8 people. Then, at the end of each session, you can devote time to improving the draft of each of them. The students at the beginning of the first class, be sure to bring your project. And at the end of the course with the help of competent directions (and not blind tips) bring it to perfection.

Third, the course should be well thought-out program. What should the designer know 10 lessons that will help him become successful? I have included in the “$ in Cuba”, in my opinion, most importantly: the topic of lighting in interior design, copyright supervision, the materials and texture, about color, accessories and details. We are also talking about the sources of inspiration, about the technical parameters about the layout. A separate lesson devoted to the role of kitchens and baths in the interior, as does the main room in the house.

Fourthly, check out the object. We go to the semi-object and see all the features of the finishing process, technical parameters, etc., etc.

Well, the ideal rate should be the perfect student. What is it? He has the presence of taste, it owns one or more architectural programs (2 hours to master), and a prerequisite is hard work. Without these three components, alas – even the most experienced gurus of the business will be powerless to teach.

So, friends, my dream of an ideal course for designers was launched about two years ago. May 24 kicks off the 4th course$ in the cube”, and previous graduates have opened their studios, appear on television, implement successful projects and managed a year to raise the price of their services 4 times. Rejoice with them — after all, my dream of the perfect date come true! So we are waiting for you in the interior design Studio Yakusha Design, diligent and successful!

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