As lawyers demanded from the security service documents for the court process

Как адвокаты Савченко требовали от СБУ документы для судебного процесса

I’ll tell you one case, it was autumn, probably 2014. There is a consequence on the Hope Savchenko. I meet in the program “Shuster LIVE” the person we are writing the paper and vainly trying to get documents here is the billing phone and all other documents. He gives us not just them. This man – the chief of Investigative management of SBU wolf. I said, “And you know, I’d like to get this billing. Give us the billing, we urgently need to provide the result via a motion to attach to the documents.”

– I don’t give anything.

– And how can I solve this problem?

– No way.

– Why?

It doesn’t work.

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Well, I say, okay. We made this program, I turn to Sergey Vlasenko, the Deputy of BP, and saying, “You know, we have such a any reason, the problem with the head of the Investigation Department of the SBU wolf, he refuses to issue these documents”. He goes to Nalyvaychenko, at the time he was the head of the SBU, and speaks to him: “Listen, what kind of cooperation is that we are against Savchenko can not solve the bureaucratic problem with the documents?” The causes of this wolf, what’s going on there, probably obscene language was used or something, but the papers begin to give, officially.

Then the same wolf, or resentment, or because of nizamatdinova gives an interview and says that we are all FSB agents. Because the independent counsel is impossible in Russia, they are all FSB agents. We bring to Nadia and say that of course we all understand the authorities and turbulent period in Ukraine, but something like that.

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And Nadia writes angry letter, it was published, you can easily find it, there was a scandal a small, very short-lived. Vovk, where he was summoned, I don’t know, because that day apologized for it several advisers Poroshenko. In my opinion, it was the press Secretary of the SBU Nalyvaychenko Markiyan Lubkivsky. That is, there were such cases. And it is inexplicable why and why.

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Mark Feigin

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