As the lives of the occupied Donetsk: the Latest news and trends

Как живет оккупированный Донецк: Последние новости и тренды

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Naturalistica news occupied Donetsk. Evaluation do it yourself.

1. Many people returned to their homes. Are unable to resettle in new areas, and for flats the were afraid.
2. Grocery stores opened, opened a lot of cafes and restaurants. Visitors there are.
3, But any successful business “cut”, come, agree. Agreed, take. To operate successfully, you need to “make friends” with management “DNR”. So they say.

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4. Opened the largest shopping center “, Donetskiy”, a lot of children’s shops.
5. The region’s largest network of filling stations “Parallel” has long ceased to operate, some of the objects taken by the looters, the equipment was removed, apparently, in Russia. Other nationalized and operate under the “brand” of “Republican fuel company”.
Gasoline is cheaper in Donetsk than in Ukraine, but the quality is much worse. Driven from Russia.
6. Military in the city not seen in the city with weapons forbidden to walk.
7. In Donetsk clean, the utilities work, roads in good condition.
8. In large stores there are many Ukrainian products. Previously, they were only in small shops. Juice “Sandora” Odessa canning factory, candy “Roshen”, cheese “COMO”, “Dobryanka” in a large assortment.
9. Officially, with the two sides acting the blockade of Ukrainian products, the smuggling and business in her growing.
There are a lot of Belarusian products are of good quality.
10. Donetsk pensioners receive pensions at the local card in rubles and get money at ATMs of the so-called “Republican Bank”. However, it is not called a pension and “aid”, although issued in a local pension Fund.
11. The city has 8-10 ATMs where you can withdraw money, say, cards are accepted also in local “amstore”.
12. Part of the large enterprises pay the salary remains in UAH on the card (exactly the Donetsk metallurgical plant and a railroad).
13. In railway ticket offices for the hryvnia sells tickets to any destination.

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14. On the streets a lot of cars including expensive cars and sports cars, which a year earlier was not visible.
15. A growing number of real estate transactions. Prices fell in comparison with the pre-war three times. For 10 thousand dollars. you can buy a one-bedroom apartment on the outskirts.
16. Buying afraid to do the transaction in the registry “DNR” and Ukrainian duplicate them in the registry. It takes up to three days without going to Ukraine. You can do Ukrainian and other notarial documents, but it’s expensive.
17. Crime in the remote regions of Donetsk increased.
18. In Donetsk left a lot of billboards, half torn off, sometimes more visible advertising in the Ukrainian language, half covered with bigmordami leaders “DNR”.
19. News on channels with a taste of “scoop” any “oops …” is being touted as a success and a great achievement.
20. A local waiting for the elections. Ukrainian elections and return to Ukraine. We are talking about Pro-Ukrainian Donetsk. There are many.
21. Many and Pro-Russian population, which he does not see himself in Ukraine under any circumstances.
22. About politics try not to talk or to speak only in a whisper and with loved ones.
23. With Ukraine not many people speak of mobile communication, use im and Internet telephony.
24. To understand the mood of the interlocutor can on how call Ukraine and Ukrainians. If “dill” and “natsyki” is “dnrovets” if they use Ukraine and Ukrainians are Pro – Ukrainian. This is the most obvious marker.

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25. The majority of the region’s residents have had enough, the main desire – the cessation of the war, and not so important under what flag.
26. The last few months, the Russian humanitarian aid stopped giving, the only thing is – humanitarian aid Akhmetov.
27. A number of Ukrainian networks remained in the occupied territory, changing the name: “varus” has become a “Sail”, “Epicenter” has become a “Galaxy”, “Caravan” not even close, and the staff of Donetsk “Caravan” to improve go to Kiev. “Auchan” is now called “Sigma-land.”
Network “Brusnichka” closed in the beginning of the war, “ATB” was nationalized and made “the First Republican supermarket”. METRO was robbed in the first months of the war.
28. Universities and institutions work, last year graduates of the buses were taken to the growth that students receive Russian diplomas in parallel with the diplomas “DNR”. But Donetsk medical University in the past year did not have such arrangements.
29. “Republican Bank” is located in the premises of different banks: “Private”, “Nadra”, “Oschadbank”. That you pressed. Branch of the Russian Alfa-Bank are intact, untouched.
30. Hospital, ambulance work. Many doctors who left earlier came back, couldn’t find or get a job.
31. Sold in pharmacies Russian drugs. Terrible quality, local whenever possible, are asked to transfer to the Ukrainian medicine.
32. Nightclubs work, despite the curfew.
33. Some shops accept payment by credit card. But this is rare. Operates a network of services for the removal and replenishment of Bank cards.
34. In the region goes only the ruble, hryvnia weight in gold. From hand to hand can be sold at a higher rate than the “official”.
35. Car dealerships are open, but sell mostly used car.

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36. The city has a “MTS”, “Kyivstar” no, instead, on his own equipment and established local operator “Phoenix”, the cards are available only upon showing the passport.
37. Checkpoints. It’s a business. Kilometer queue, queues are bought and sold.
38. And last. The OSCE is closely communicates with the local “leaders”, at least judging by the cars in Parking lots of expensive restaurants, they dined together.

In General, people have adapted to survive in the new environment, tired of politics and war. The people want peace. And, unfortunately, ready to take on any format in the world.

Anatoly Amelin

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