As the Ukrainian it sector to become a leader in the global market of mobile development

Как украинскому ИТ сектору стать лидером на мировом рынке мобильных разработок

Trends of mobile technologies in Ukraine.

It market of Ukraine for the last few years gained huge momentum in the international arena of information technology and became one of the main engines of future global growth of our country. The main tendency of development of the industry was the development of mobile applications. This contributed to active growth of mobile devices and penetration of mobile technologies in all spheres of our life. Lately, Ukraine has been actively developed application, bringing practical benefits to its users – planners, diaries, health, application for cars, online instructors contactless payment services/products and other. Modern mobile development becoming more and more specialized, and their main task, to a universal applications the desire to solve one or more user tasks in a particular direction. Dynamically developing sphere of mobile application development, but also their active integration with various systems and devices.

Development of a competitive domestic product

Many Ukrainian companies realize the benefits of developing native applications, so today has been created and integrated a large number of successful mobile products. In particular, one of these products, OBD Car Doctor – car custom app for iOS and Android platforms, developed by PNN Soft. This mobile project won the mobile development market not only in Ukraine but also in the countries of USA, Europe and Asia, reaching more than 3,000,000 downloads, occupying the top positions of Google and Apple stores is in the category of vehicles! This number of installations of the app – an excellent performance in the global market of mobile development, which of course could not motivate the developers to release a Pro version of this application is ОBD Car Doctor Pro.

Как украинскому ИТ сектору стать лидером на мировом рынке мобильных разработок



Как украинскому ИТ сектору стать лидером на мировом рынке мобильных разработок



The essence of the application that it connects to the onboard computer of the vehicle and reads the data on the machine and operational characteristics of the engine for further analysis and optimization of driving. The developers of the company created a website and support forum for users of this app.

Like Ukraine to become a leader in the global market of mobile development?

Developing and introducing domestic products, our company offer great prospects for the Ukrainian it market development popular mobile. In turn, creating their own products, the company is a very important and crucial step that requires a certain amount of time to detailed study of the goals and objectives of the project, and of course most importantly – the time and resources to the development, testing, implementation and promotion of the project. It is important to understand that only a comprehensive approach to creating a product that will be able to conquer the top mobile markets.

In order that Ukraine could progress in the international arena as one of the leaders of mobile technology, you need to build a global product company that will develop innovative solutions and highly competitive products they can be proud of! We have a large number of qualified experts, centers of research and development, which only accompany in achieving our goals to become one of the leaders in the field of mobile application development.