Asked for subsidies Ukrainians have become twice as

Попросивших субсидии украинцев стало вдвое больше

For subsidies applied in two times more Ukrainians than last year

This year for subsidies applied 6,328 million households.

For subsidies for reimbursement for payment of utility bills from January to June 2017 appealed 6,328 million households. It’s 2 times more than in January-June 2016, While households in cities accounted for 68.1% of such appeals, according to the state statistics service.

With the beginning of the year have been assigned subsidies 3,667 million households (57,9% of those who applied), including in the cities of 2,496 million households, in rural areas – 1,172 million compared to the corresponding period in 2016, the number of such households increased by 573,4 million, or 18.5%.

According to gosstat, in June of subsidies for reimbursement for housing and communal services received 2,356 million households, of which 41,9% consisted of one person, of 27.2% from two, and the rest – of three or more people.

The total amount of subsidies in January-June this year amounted to 2,740 billion (of which in cities 1,872 billion UAH, in the countryside – 869 UAH million) in the corresponding period of 2016 – 2,479 billion (in urban areas – 1,444 billion UAH, in the countryside – 1,035 billion).

The average size of subsidy per household in June 2017 declined compared with the corresponding period last year by 24.2% and amounted to UAH 164,9.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that Ukraine will create a register of recipients of subsidies.

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